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Jenn Richards

Jenn is our Occupational Therapist who has worked part-time with us for several years and will now be full-time. 

Role: Occupational Therapist, Executive Function, & Social Skill Coach

Hometown: Rochester, NH

Education: B.S. in Occupational Therapy from Boston University

Favorite Book: With a full-time job & a part-time job & 2 kids, Jenn’s not sure she remembers what books are anymore!

Experience in Field

As a high school student, I was initially drawn to occupational therapy in order to work with adults in upper extremity rehabilitation. After many childhood sports injuries, I was in awe of the care I had received from a variety of hand therapists (who were also OT’s). From their knowledge about the anatomy and physiology of my injuries to the care they took in helping me to resume my daily tasks and activities, I knew I wanted to help others in the way these therapists had supported me.

After graduating from Boston University, where my eyes were opened to the broader scope of populations and clinical areas where OT’s support clients, I went to work in a public school setting. For the next several years, I worked with students in their school setting helping them to develop the underlying cognitive, motor and sensory abilities necessary for learning. At the same time, I continued to participate in adult upper-extremity rehab working with adults recovering from injury to their daily tasks. Although I enjoyed working with adults, I was truly inspired by the energy and enthusiasm children brought to each therapy session.

Over the years working in a school setting, I enjoyed working with students, as well as teachers and other staff, to improve the skills they needed to be successful with their school activities: fine motor strength and dexterity, core strength and endurance, visual motor and perpetual skills, sensory processing, and the planning and organization needed for students to demonstrate all of these skills at school! Today, my focus is on the whole child. Not only helping to address underlying skills needed to complete daily tasks and activities, but working with children and families to incorporate these skills into their everyday settings, at home, at school, or in the community!

During my time working with families and children in an outpatient pediatric setting, I began to see how important caregiver participation and education is in the progress and success towards achieving therapy goals. Our goal at Through the Trees is to work, not only with children and adolescents, but the caregivers and families who support them day-to-day in order to maximize their growth and potential.

What are you learning now?

I enjoy learning more and more each day about ways to support children and families. I am certified and specially trained in a variety of therapeutic interventions and strategies including Therapeutic Listening, Handwriting Without Tears, Astronaut Training (Sound Activated Visual-Vestibular Protocol), Interactive Metronome, Social Thinking and more.