Professional Development


Problem #1: How many times have you attended a workshop, loved what you learned, and couldn’t wait to put your new knowledge into place as soon as you got back to the classroom? Only to discover, weeks later, that there’s no time to make any of the changes you were hoping for.

Problem #2: How often do you attend a workshop with high hopes of learning great strategies for helping your students, only to realize that this workshop won’t be providing any “real-life stuff” to bring back to your classroom.  

Our Solution: We are available to provide professional development within the community at our local schools, local support groups, and area agencies. Our workshop topics are varied, and focus on building a toolkit of real-life strategies and ideas for helping your student, client, or child with executive function and/or social communication skill challenges. Afterward, we are available for monthly (or more/or less often) follow-up, consultation, or coaching to teachers, paraprofessionals, and teams to ensure effective implementation of your “toolkit” into your school day.

Topics may include:

  • When Helping Actually Hurts: Strategies to Help Your Student/Child Succeed, WITHOUT Doing It For Him/Her
  • Executive Function Skills in the Classroom: Key Factors in Setting Up Your Classroom for Student Success
  • Paraprofessionals: How to Best Support Executive Function Skills Across the School Day
  • The Playground Conundrum: Ways to Support Students with Social Challenges on the Playground and in the Classroom
  • When to Fake It: Understanding the Social Nuance Behind Intent, Perception, and the “Social Fake”