If nothing else, COVID-19 helped us discover the powerful role of telehealth in our coaching model. We’ve found that its benefits surprise us on a regular basis, and we plan to keep it as an important option for anyone interested!

Who: We provide telehealth to any client who is more comfortable at home, or who may be too far away to attend coaching sessions. 

What:  We start by helping clients understand their learning profiles, strengths, and needs. Then we implement a treatment plan that includes the just right kind of support to clients and families. This might mean working directly with a client, or it could mean consulting to parents and/or teachers to maximize success in the home or school setting. Whatever the need, we’ve found creative ways that make telehealth fun and rewarding.

When: Typically, we meet weekly, but that is subject to change based on need. 

Where: In the comfort of your own home.

Why: Why not? Effective coaching can happen anywhere!